Our Story

3 Simple Steps.... Who knew fresh, healthy, nutritious and delicious meals could be that easy to wok up within a few minutes.

Given our growing busy lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits in UAE, we wanted to make a change not just to our life but help others also. Whether you're walking on the streets, sitting in your office or relaxing at home, we wanted to find a way to get something quick and convenient which can be delivered efficiently, on time and eaten right out of the box. And something healthy so we didn't need to worry about what is going in our body but at the same time being delicious. With that in mind, and our passion for Asian food, we teamed up with our consultants, Restaurant Secrets Inc, and set about making our dream come true.

The result... WOKINAKI - a hip, casual & friendly Asian fusion restaurant which will leave you wanting for more every single time. With our very own Firewokers rocking the woks live and fusing together the unique aromas and flavours of Asia, we at WOKINAKI believe that you just can't go wrong. Each of our meals are wok'ed to be low in sodium, low in salt, with no added MSG and 95% fat free!

So what are you still thinking of..... WOKINAKI NOW!


We provide you with all the healthy nutrition tools from use of nutrient and vitamin preserving Wok cooking, fresh ingredients, use of little oil, never ever adding MSG, and healthier alternatives like wholewheat noodles and quinoa. Limitless menu choices… All you have to do is WOKINAKI!


We aim to wok hand in hand together with all our partners, including our employees and our customers in the spirit of inclusion and working together to achieve outstanding results.


We do what we say, take responsibility for our actions, strive to be efficient in everything we do while all the time encouraging each other to create an impact for the greater good.